Priva API Developer Portal

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Welcome to the priva api portal. The API's found on this portal for telemetry and metadata are for building customers.

For horticulture telemetry and metadata please visit

API Authorization

All Priva API's are protected by Priva's OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 compliant Identity & Access Management services. What this basically means is that every API call you make should have a JSON Web Token as Bearer in the Authorization header of the HTTP request. A token should be requested from the Priva Identity & Access Management services with the Client ID and Client Secret which can be created within the Access Control Services.

A token is requested by performing a HTTP POST request to the following endpoint: "". The request must be "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and contain the following fields:

  • grant_type: "client_credentials"

  • client_id: The Client ID of the Registered Application.

  • client_secret: The corresponding Client Secret of the Registered Application.

  • scope: ""

Priva API's

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